Successful Internet Marketers know that in order to Improve Search Engine Ranking you’ve got to get a lot of targeted anchored backlinks to your site. Everyone will agree that this is probably the most difficult task you will do for website promotion.

Authors: Submit Unique Articles to Hundreds of Blogs and Directories

Article Marketing is obviously a great way to accomplish getting links to your site without having to email thousands of webmasters or site owners asking for links. It’s also a great way to get recognized in your niche as a person with expertise.

One of the main concepts to recognize with article marketing is the intended purpose of the article directories where you are submitting your piece. Article Directories exist as a resource for webmasters and bloggers to find relevant content which they can use on their own sites.

Article Directories like exist so you can Submit Your Original Article to a directory which has great authority and is trusted by the search engines.

The benefit is that you, as the author of the article, with get an opportunity for the widest distribution, or syndication if you like, of your article. Your article will have an attribution in the resource box linking back to you which acknowledges your contribution and expertise.

This hyperlink will hopefully drive traffic to your linked page and will also count as an incoming link which should help your search engine ranking.

Of course the quality of your article plays a big role. If your content is compelling, original, and has a unique perspective to offer, you’ll find that many people will use it and leave the links intact.

You may say this just fills up the web with duplicate content which the search engines penalize. This may be true to a degree but if you look at the way news is syndicated you’ll see that search engines participate in the same behaviour. I think the benefits far outweigh the risks.

How well this model works depends on the people reusing your articles and the policy enforcement of the article directories themselves. If website owners copy your article for use on their site and change the links or delete them they are not playing fair and you can do something about it. It can however take up your time which you may view as a waste.

When you do publish an article, you should choose a directory which has a good reputation. It will be up to you to check the Publishers Terms of Service for Reprints. Most people will abide by these terms.

So how do you put your article marketing on hyper-glide without spending every waking hour writing articles and submitting them to various article directories?

There are many Article Directories that receive articles from syndicated article services. Bloggers, website owners, and web publishers sign-up to receive articles and use them as content. So if you’ve written a great article, chances are it will receive wide distribution over a wide and varies range of domains.

There is a debate on whether or not this is spam so you should proceed with caution. Using these services can be a legitimate way to distribute your articles to as wide an audience as possible if you choose the best article marketing service and write unique content that offers readers and publishers alike real value.

Article Directories

Here’s a list of Article Directories you may want to check out.

I hope you use this information wisely and if you know of any other directories, let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post.

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